All popular german GAEB formats

In the age of the Internet, e-mail and tender databases, electronic data exchange becomes increasingly important for all partners, manufacturing and construction materials industry, involved in the construction process. To match this, a completely new generation program is available under the name GAEB-Online 2014.

GAEB DA84 speichern

All popular german GAEB formats like GAEB 90, GAEB 2000, and the new GAEB XML 3.2 are supported by GAEB-Online 2014. For all price entries, the offer can directly be created again in the electronic form as GAEB D84. This saves a lot of time and besides the electronic submission of tenders in the mean time is required in the form of DA84 by most clients. GAEB-Online 2014 also allows to print offers or create .pdf files that can be if desired forwarded directly by email.