All popular german GAEB formats

In the age of the Internet, e-mail and tender databases, electronic data exchange becomes increasingly important for all partners, manufacturing and construction materials industry, involved in the construction process. To match this, a completely new generation program is available under the name GAEB-Online 2014.

GAEB DA84 speichern

All popular german GAEB formats like GAEB 90, GAEB 2000, and the new GAEB XML 3.2 are supported by GAEB-Online 2014. For all price entries, the offer can directly be created again in the electronic form as GAEB D84. This saves a lot of time and besides the electronic submission of tenders in the mean time is required in the form of DA84 by most clients. GAEB-Online 2014 also allows to print offers or create .pdf files that can be if desired forwarded directly by email.

Integrate MS Excel® or OpenOffice

In addition to the proven Microsoft Office®, the so-called free office packages such as OpenOffice (Apache OpenOffice®) or LibreOffice® are enjoying growing popularity among users. It is for this reason that the developers of GAEB-Online 2014 have also placed great emphasis on import and export possibility of GAEB tenders in the OpenDocument format.

GAEB tenders in the OpenDocument format
GAEB tenders in the OpenDocument format

With GAEB-Online 2014, you can now easily export a GAEB file with a single click as an OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.Ods). Thus, an individual offer can also be directly calculated in OpenOffice (Apache OpenOffice®) or Libre Office®.