Calculate GAEB offers in MS Excel®

With the introduction of GAEB-DA-XML Version 3.2, the electronic data exchange via GAEB-XML in the construction industry is steadily becoming more important for all partners involved in the construction business. To match this, a completely new generation program is available under the name GAEB-Online 2014.

GAEB-Online 2014

For all those who want to use GAEB in combination with the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet or a free office suite such as OpenOffice® in the best and comfortable manner, GAEB-Online 2014 is the optimal solution . Based on the GAEB-Toolbox deployed by many Software manufacturers, GAEB-Online 2014 with new technology, new and modern interface and many new features now allows to process GAEB tenders faster and more comfortably and create sales proposals as GAEB DA84 electronically.