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GAEB calculation in teams

Very often it happens that you have to calculate GAEB-BoQ with lots of items. Since this does not create a person alone, this must be implemented by several calculators in a team. With GAEB-Online 2018 and the Excel export this is very easy. With the LV filter and the Excel export you can split a GAEB-BoQ.

For GAEB-BoQs where you want to involve different team members, GAEB-Online 2018 offers huge benefits. For example, you can use the LV filter to filter the BoQ using ordinal numbers and create Excel spreadsheets for the various team members. Your colleagues then calculate in Excel and return the completed Excel spreadsheets. You import the Excel files sequentially with GAEB-Online 2018 into the GAEB offer file and save them as DA84. www.gaeb-online.de #GAEB #Bausoftware #Handwerk

Universally usable spreadsheet

Many companies mostly use a universally usable spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel® instead of a special calculation program to calculate the tender price. This program is flexible and offers companies the opportunity to define their own rules for determining the price or access the article and price lists. And this is exactly where GAEB-Online 2014 offers decisive advantages. With just a click, the tender in German GAEB-Format gets exported from GAEB-Online 2014 to Excel® for example. In case of an export, the stored calculation logic as well as formulas and totals rows also get exported to the spreadsheet. Thus, a user can quickly and easily capture the prices in the spreadsheet and all totals get calculated automatically. Or else, the user may customize the calculation logic for determining the prices as per the needs or special requirements of the project. If desired, this can also be extended from the spreadsheet generated by GAEB-Online 2014 and stored with own calculation logic, links, or premiums and discounts for individual pricing.

GAEB in Excel

The free version of GAEB-Online 2014 can be tested for 8 days. The demo version can be downloaded from the website for free. After the test phase, an activation key can be ordered online at a cost of 95.20 Euros including VAT.

Calculate GAEB offers in MS Excel®

With the introduction of GAEB-DA-XML Version 3.2, the electronic data exchange via GAEB-XML in the construction industry is steadily becoming more important for all partners involved in the construction business. To match this, a completely new generation program is available under the name GAEB-Online 2014.

GAEB-Online 2014

For all those who want to use GAEB in combination with the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet or a free office suite such as OpenOffice® in the best and comfortable manner, GAEB-Online 2014 is the optimal solution . Based on the GAEB-Toolbox deployed by many Software manufacturers, GAEB-Online 2014 with new technology, new and modern interface and many new features now allows to process GAEB tenders faster and more comfortably and create sales proposals as GAEB DA84 electronically.