GAEB calculation in teams

Very often it happens that you have to calculate GAEB-BoQ with lots of items. Since this does not create a person alone, this must be implemented by several calculators in a team. With GAEB-Online 2018 and the Excel export this is very easy. With the LV filter and the Excel export you can split a GAEB-BoQ.

For GAEB-BoQs where you want to involve different team members, GAEB-Online 2018 offers huge benefits. For example, you can use the LV filter to filter the BoQ using ordinal numbers and create Excel spreadsheets for the various team members. Your colleagues then calculate in Excel and return the completed Excel spreadsheets. You import the Excel files sequentially with GAEB-Online 2018 into the GAEB offer file and save them as DA84. #GAEB #Bausoftware #Handwerk