Tenders from architects or planners

Increasingly, throughout Germany, tenders from architects or planners are arriving in electronic format as what are called GAEB RFPs in the email inboxes of workshops rather than arriving by post as in the past. However, the offer process of the workshops can only be improved if the offer price can be transferred easily and automatically into the GAEB tender. The planners and architects naturally prefer to get the offer back as a GAEB file if possible to avoid having to re-enter the offer price to perform a price comparison. If the items consist of many individual services, as is often the case in heating and plumbing work, the calculations must be repeated or reworked which is very time consuming.

GAEB-Online 2014

A bathtub, for example, may be a single price item in the service specifications for the planner which it wants to offer its customers; the same bathtub consists of individual items for the specialists fitting it. The requested price for a bathtub itself consists of a variety of different services such as the tub itself, frame support, taps, drain, siphon, fixtures and other accessories, all of which are taken into account as material and labour in the price calculation. Here we have an enormous accounting expenses in the construction industry. The new software from gaeb-online means these time-consuming problems can be easily solved.